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The Vision of Precision

  • 10 H.P.
  • 2” Blade
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Hydraulic
  • Metal Cutting


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  • Saw Frame
    • The saw frame is canted at a 6.5-degree angle for faster cutting of structural and other flat materials. The heavy-duty saw frame rides up and down a linear way guide system.
  • Miter Cutting
    • The WS2543M model has a saw base that swivels to 45 degrees one direction and 60 degrees the other, for miter cutting. A ½ hp (400 W.) motor turns the machine base and the degree of angle is read out on a LED DISPLAY.
  • Speed Range
    • 98-361 FPM (30-110m/min.). Infinitely variable through a frequency inverter system and a heavy-duty Worm Gear
      Transmission. The broad speed range allows for optimum cutting of a large spectrum of materials. An Electric Tachometer assures accurate speed settings.
  • Hydraulic Down Feed
    • Feed rate and down pressure can be controlled for fast, accurate cutting. Setup is made easy through the color-coded dial allowing the operator to select the optimum setting for the type of material being cut.
  • Blade Guides
    • A combination of roller bearing and hydraulically actuated carbide blade guides assure the blade is held taut for fast, accurate cuts. The cast iron Movable Guide Arm is positioned through a Hydraulic Cylinder, then is Hydraulically Locked in position.
  • Fast Approach
    • Work height is manually set allowing the head to raise just enough to clear the workpiece, reducing cycle time
      and allowing for faster cutting performance.
  • Chip Brush
    • An Independent Motor drives the blade cleaning Chip Brush to assure complete removal of chips from each gullet of
      the blade, providing optimum cutting performance and enhanced blade life.
  • Vise Jaw
    • Full Stroking Vise Jaw and a Vertical Clamp Device assure the workpiece is secure and eliminates excessive vibration during the cut providing better blade life and cleaner cuts. Minimum Clamping Capacity is 7.5” (190mm) width.
  • Controls
    • An Independent Electric Cabinet and Control Panel allow the operator to position the controls for optimum viewing of the cutting area. A PLC controls all electrical and hydraulic functions.



ModelWS2543M & W2543M & W2543A
Cutting Capacity Round (Diameter) at 90°28″ 711 mm
Only WS2543M
Round (Diameter)  at 45° 
28″711 mm
Only WS2543M
Round (Diameter) at 60°
25.6″650 mm 
Rectangle (W x H) 90°44″ x 27″1117.6 x 685.8 mm
Only WS2543M
Rectangle (W x H) at 45°
25.6″ x 27″650 x 685.8 mm
 Only WS2543M
Rectangle (W x H) at 60°
 15.7″ x 25.6″400 x 650 mm 
Work Load Capacity11,020 lbs 4,998 kg 
Saw BladeBlade Size (L x T x W)28’6-1/2″ x 0.063″ x 2″ 8700 x 1.6 x 54 mm  
Blade Speed98-361 ft./min, by Inverter30-110 m/min, by Inverter
Tension ControlHydraulic
Blade ControlTop Limit SettingAutomatic Setting with Fast Approach Feeler 
Cutting ControlHydraulic Pressure & Flow Control Valve 
Vise Operation

Type Split Vises and Vertical Clamp Device 
Control Hydraulic Full-Stroke Cylinder


Saw Blade10 HP7.5 kW
Hydraulic Pump3 HP2.2 kW
Cutting Fluid Pump1/4 HP0.18 kW
Only WS2543M 
Roll Motor
1.5 HP1.1 kW
Only WS2543M
Table Rotation
1/2 HP0.4 kW
Only W2543A
Servo Feeding
1.5 HP0.18 kW
Power RequirementPower Supply VoltageAC230V±10%, 3 PH, 60 Hz, Voltage must be specified when ordering 
Power Requirement 
Cutting FluidTank Capacity47.5 gal215 liters 
Tank Capacity

19.8 gal (WS2543M)
21 gal (W2543M & W2543A)

90 liters (WS2543M)
95 liters (W2543M & W2543A)
Pressure Setting 1067 psi (WS2543M)
996 psi (W2543M & W2543A) 
7.35 MPa (75 kgf/cm2) (WS2543M)
6.86 MPa (70 kgf/cm2) (W2543M & W2543A)
Chip Disposal Chip Conveyor
Only W2543A
Material Index

Index MechanismShuttle Vise
Stroke59″1500 mm
Length0″ – 393.6″0 – 9999 mm
Machine Dimensions (W x L x H)179″ x 89.4″ x 101″ (WS2543M & W2543M)
179″ x 89.4″ x 108.3″ (W2543A)
4550 x 2270 x 2560 mm (WS2543M & W2543M)
4550 x 2270 x 2750 mm (W2543A)
Table Height32’ – 33’ 810 – 850 mm 
Machine Weight11,880 lbs (WS2543M)
9,500 lbs (W2543M)
16,940 lbs (W2543A)
5,400 kg (WS2543M)
4,300 kg (W2543M)
7,700 kg (W2543A)

Specifications and the machine design may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.

Most Popular options

  • Auto Mist Lube
  • Hydraulic Hold Downs
  • Automatic Chip Removal
  • Extension Dead Roller Table
  • Variable Vise Pressure Controls
  • First Section Dead Roller Table


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