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Maintenance Program

maintenance program

Amada Machinery agrees to provide 2 annual preventative maintenance inspections on all machines registered with our Service Contract Agreement. Please see plan details below.
For additional information on our Service Contract Agreement please fill out the below form. If you need service now please contact our team at 847-285-4800 ext. 341.


Discounts On Parts & Labor

• Comprehensive Inspection by Experienced Technicians
• Preventive Maintenance to Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns
• Extended Lifespan of Your Equipment 


services included

* 27 Point Inspection 2 Times Per Year
* Check & Adjust Machine Level
* Check All Machine Functions
* Change Oils & Filters (See Note 1)
* Replace Battery (See Note 2)

* Replace Wire Brush (See Note 3)
* Replace OEM Blade Guides & Back Up Rollers (See Note 3)
* Check & Adjust Characteristics (CNC Machines)
* 20% Discount on OEM Parts
* 20% Discount on Published Labor Rates

Note 1: Customer to supply oil and filters and provide containers for and dispose of used oil (one time per year)     
Note 2: Batteries to be provided by customer, installed one time per year.
Note 3: OEM Wire Brush, Blade Guides, and back-ups bearings to be provided by customer. 

Upon completion of inspection a detailed report will be provided explaining all services rendered and a recommendation of parts and labor to consider. 

Exclusions: Non-Amada equipment such as aftermarket chip conveyors and other accessories are excluded from this service contract. Aftermarket parts installation will be invoiced at full published service rates.

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Service Request
Service Plans

3-tiered service plan

Amada Machinery offers a 3-Tiered Service Plan system that reflects on all your service needs. For more information on the Service Plans please contact our team at
847-285-4800 ext341 or fill out the Service Plan form below.

Inspection Plan

  • 27 point inspection 2 times per year
  • Oils changed during 1 inspection per year
  • PLC/HMI batteries replaced
  • Minor adjustments made
  • CNC calibrations.  (CNC model plan)
Miles radiusNon-CNCCNC

parts & labor Discount Plan

  • 20% discount on all parts and labor

Subscription Service Plan

(requires monthly Auto CC payments)

  • Free unlimited travel for scheduled service work (Actual travel time only. Does not include airfare, hotel, rental car, per diem or miscellaneous costs due to required travel.)
  • 1 time (annually) 50% discount on bandsaw tune-up kit [Blade guides, bearings, belts and brushes (12ea)]
  • Free installation of Tune-up kit
  • Web-sight access for Service requests, Parts requests and product information
  • Dedicated service hot line for phone support
  • Free scheduled operator training
  • 10% discount on combined package total
Miles radiusMonthly Subscription CostYearly Subscription Cost

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Please fill out the lines below for a quote on our 3-Tier Service Plans 

Service Plan
Service Plans


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