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The Vision of Precision

  • 5 H.P.
  • 1-1/4” Blade
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Hydraulic
  • Metal Cutting


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  •  Hydraulic Down Feed
    • Feed rate and down pressure can be controlled for fast, accurate cutting. Setup is made easy through the color-coded dial allowing the operator to select the optimum setting for the type of material being cut. Both settings are made at the operator’s station.
  •  Hydraulic Shuttle Feed
    • Length settings of 0-27.56” (0-700mm) are accomplished with simple programming at the operator’s touch screen.  The shuttle comes to positive stops at both ends of the index, assuring cutoff length accuracy, reducing material loss. Repeatability is + .005” per index. 
  • PC Programmable Control
    • Conveniently located on the operator’s control panel, this touch screen control allows the operator to program and store up to ten jobs. Inputs include Part Length from 0-999.999” and the Number of Pieces to be cut. The Blade Speed is displayed on and set using the touch screen but is not stored in memory. The Automatic Piece Counter stops each job when the pre-set number of cuts has been made. 
  • Out-of-Stock Switch
    • The machine will shut off automatically when the material is no longer present in the rear vise jaws, allowing for truly automatic operation.
  • Full Stroking Hydraulic Vise Jaws
    • Hydraulic vices hold the work piece, providing accurate cuts and longer blade life. 
  • Shuttle Vise
    • The shuttle vise jaw floats hydraulically to accommodate crooked stock assuring straight, accurate cuts. The remnant length is 9.5” (241 mm).


Cutting Capacity Round (Diameter) at 90°13″ 330 mm
Round (Diameter) at 45°11.8″300 mm
Round (Diameter) at 60°7″180 mm
Rectangle (W x H) at 90°13″ x 16″330 x 405 mm 
Rectangle (W x H) at 45°9.4″ x 13″240 x 330 mm
Rectangle (W x H) at 60°7″ x 11″180 x 280 mm
Work Load Capacity4,400 lbs1,996 kg
Saw BladeBlade Size (L x T x W)16′-4″ x 0.043″ x 1.25″4960 x 1.1 x 34 mm
Blade Speed108-344 ft./min, by Inverter33-105 m/min, by Inverter
Tension ControlHydraulic
Blade ControlTop Limit SettingBow height adjusting plate
Cutting ControlHydraulic Pressure & Flow Control Valve 
Vise Operation

Type Front and Rear Vises and Vertical Vise 
Control Hydraulic Full-Stroke Cylinder


Saw Blade5 HP3.75 kW
Hydraulic Pump1 HP0.7 kW
Cutting Fluid Pump0.13 HP0.1 kW
Power RequirementPower Supply VoltageAC230V±10%, 3 PH, 60 Hz,
Voltage must be specified when ordering 
Power Requirement 
Cutting FluidTank Capacity30.6 gal116 liters 
Tank Capacity5.8 gal22 liters 
Pressure Setting 400 psi2.8 MPa (28 kgf/cm2
Chip Disposal Chip Conveyor
Material Index
Index MechanismShuttle Vise 
Stroke27.6″701 mm 
Length 0″-393.7″ 0-10000 mm 
Number of Input Block1-10 
Number of Cut-Off Pieces 
Remnant Length9.25” for single part cutting
17.13″ for bundle cutting
235 mm for single part cutting
435 mm for bundle cutting
Machine Dimensions (W x L x H)93.1″ x 81.6″ x 64.4″2365 x 2072 x 1635 mm
Table Height (Above Floor)34.5″876 mm
Machine Weight4,414 lbs2,002 kg

Specifications and the machine design may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.

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  • First Section Dead Roller Table


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