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Precise Cutting of Blocks & Plates in all Material Grades

  • 7.5 H.P.
  • 2″ Blade
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Cutting Length Control
  • Hydraulic Blade Guides
  • Remote Blade Guide Setting


Download Brochure & Specification Sheet


  • Selective Cutting Height
    • A cutting height setting can be selected from either 20″ (standard).
  • Selective Blade Size
    • A blade can be selected from either a standard 2″ x 0.063″ blade.
  • Use of Servo Motor and Linear Guide
    • An AC servo motor and a LM guide are used to move the table for the purpose of accurate cutting control.
  • Automatic Adjustment of Guide Position
    • Once a material size is preset, automatic adjustment can be made to determine an optimum guide position. Upon completion of cutting, automatic stop will take place.
  • Automatically Adjustable Wire Brush
    • Wire brush contact is automatically adjusted in proportion to wear of wire brush.
      A message will be displayed to prompt a user to replace the wire brush, when excessive wear is detected.
  • Excellent Operability
    • The color display and touch panel facilitate operation.
      The embedded CNC-Lite function automatically sets optimum cutting conditions.
  • Back Gauge (optional)
    • Using an optional back gauge can facilitate the alignment of marks.
  • Permissible Loading Mass
    • In response to a trend toward larger materials, the machine table offers 11,025lbs loading mass (4,410lbs for VM-1200).


Model VM2500 & VM2500WT
Cutting Capacity (L x H) 99″ x 20″ 2515 x 508 mm
Throat Depth VM2500: 20″
VM2500WT: 40″
VM2500: 508 mm
VM2500WT: 1016 mm
Work Load Capacity 11,025 lbs 5,000 kg
Saw Blade Blade Size (L x T x W) VM2500: 15’4″ x 0.063″ x 2″
VM2500WT: 19’5.5″ x 0.063″ x 2″
VM2500: 4670 x 1.6 x 54 mm
VM2500WT: 5930 x 1.6 x 54 mm
Blade Speed 33-295 ft/min by Inverter 10-90 m/min by Inverter
Tension Control Hydraulic
Blade Control Cutting Control AC Servo Motor


Saw Blade 7.5 HP 5.5 kW
Hydraulic Pump 1 HP 0.75 kW
Wire Brush 1/8 HP 0.09 kW
Cutting Fluid Pump 1/4 HP 0.18 kW
Table Feed Motor 3/4 HP 0.5 kW
Power Requirement Power Supply Voltage AC220V±10%, 3 PH, 60 Hz
All Other Voltages Require Transformer
Power Requirement 11 kVA
Cutting Fluid Tank Capacity 27.7 gal 105 liters
Pump Type Electric 

Tank Capacity 2.6 gal 10 liters
Pressure Setting 498 psi 3.5 MPa (35 kgf/cm2)
Chip Disposal Chip Conveyor
 Mechanism Table Feed, AC Servo Motor with Rack and Pinion
Stroke 100.4″ 2550 mm
Machine Dimensions (W x L x H) VM2500: 79.5″ x 230.8″ x 96.5″
VM2500WT: 103.5″ x 230.8″ x 96.5″
VM2500: 2020 x 5863 x 2450 mm
VM2500WT: 2629 x 5863 x 2450 mm
Table Height 39.6″ 1005 mm
Machine Weight 12,128 lbs 5,500 kg

Specifications and the machine design may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.


  • Auto Back Gauge Stopper
  • Work Height 800 mm


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