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CTB CNC-controlled band saws for the use with carbide tipped band saw blades, producing more efficient and accurate cutting than is possible using conventional Bi-metal blades.
H   Extremely rigid construction for large capacity cutting of all types of metals economically and efficiently.
HA  CTB Horizontal Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw
HFA   Fully automatic band saws with very accurate material indexing controlled by NC-positioning. Squareness of cut is monitored by a unique Amada designed Blade Deviation Detector. 
HK   Miter Cutting Band Saw specifically designed for cutting structural steel sections.
HKB   NC-controlled band saws for tubes, solid, and structural material. An extremely rigid bundling device makes these machines especially suitable for bundle cutting.
PCSAW  CTB Pulse Cutting Band Saw. Latest innovation in metal sawing. Remarkably Increases Productivity.
VM   Vertical band saw for precise cutting of blocks and plates in all material grades.
CMB   Circular Saw Machines.  High productivity, accuracy and excellent surface finishes are only three achievements of many that will be constant when using the Amada CMB series sawing systems. Combining state of the art innovations with Amada’s years of engineering experience will assure higher levels of accomplishments in metal sawing.
CHIP COMPACTOR   Compact and reduce the area required for chip storage.






Saw Blades

Select from a wide variety of available Saw Blades by Amada.







Four Face Milling

Milling four side of custom plate with THV Series, which is a specially designed twin spindle milling machine.


Two Face Milling

Milling top and bottom surfaces of custom plate with PLATE MILL which is a specially designed vertical milling machine.