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The Vision of Precision

  • Cutting Condition Memory Number 8
  • Spindle Load Meter
  • Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck with Air Floating System
  • Workpiece Measuring System


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  • Two-Face Plate Mill
    • Milling Top and Bottom Surface of Custom Plate with PLATE MILL which is a Specially Designed Vertical Milling Machine
  • Difference
    • Conventional Cutting with Small Diameter Cutters

When cutting a large plate with a smaller diameter cutter, it requires multi-pass cutting, and when the cutting-pass is increased, the machining time becomes even longer. Also, the multi-pass cutting can leave ridges between the cutting tracks, which requires highly skilled programmers to run the machine.

    • Cutting with PMH4020

This machine is equipped with a large ” ( mm) diameter cutter, which enables the one-pass cutting of up to ” ( mm) in width, eliminating the ridges that are made with cutting with the smaller diameter cutter.


BodyIndex Table Size165.3″ x 78.7″4200 x 2000 mm
Max Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis)169.3″4300 mm
Max Latitudinal Travel (Y-Axis)78.7″2000 mm
Max Vertical Travel (Z-Axis)15.7″400 mm
Distance from Insert Edge to Table Surface5.9″ – 21.65″
Cutter Thickness: 3.94″
150 – 550 mm
Cutter Thickness: 100 mm
Inside Distance Between Two Columns90.5″1800 mm
 CapacityMax Material Dimensions (W x L x H)157.4″ x 78.7″ x 13.8″4000 x 2000 x 350 mm
Face Mill Cutter Diameter Dia. 20.6″ Dia. 525 mm
Table Loading Capacity (Workpiece + Magnetic Chuck)44092 lb20000 kg.
Feed Speed
Rapid Feed Speed (X & Y-Axis)65.6 ft/min20 m/min
Rapid Feed Speed (Z-Axis)49.2 ft/min15 m/min 
Cutting Feed Speed 0.039 – 78.74 in/min 1 – 2000 mm/min
SpindleSpindle DiameterEquivalent to JIS No.60 
Spindle Nose dia. 1.875″ pilot bossdia. 47.625 mm pilot boss 
Spindle Speed60 – 400 rpm 
Spindle Speed (Optional High-Speed Spec.)60 – 500 rpm
Max Spindle Torque2163 Nm 


Spindle Motor (AC Spindle, 50% ED/cont.)41/30 HP30/22 kW
Feed Motor (X-Axis) (AC Servo Motor)8 HP6kW 
Feed Motor (Y & Z-Axis) (AC Servo Motor)9.5 HP  7kW
Spindle Lubricant Pump0.1 HP  0.08 kW
Spindle Surface Lubricant pump 0.02 HP 0.017 kW
Machine Dimensions (W x L x H) (without safety fence) 407.5″ x 205.9″ x 129.9″8150 x 4610 x 3150 mm
Machine Weight77161 lb35000 kg
Spindle Lubrication Oil Tank3.17 gal.12 liter
Spindle Surface Lubricant Oil Tank0.79 gal.3 liter
Cutter Heeling0.0012″/11.8″0.03/300 mm
Air Pressure Requirement71.25psi and over,
105.67 gal./min and over
0.5Mpa and over,
400L/min and over
Electric Power Requirement57 kVA, AC200/220V ±10%, 50/60Hz

Specifications and the machine design may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.

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