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The Vision of Precision

Equipped with Diverse Functions that Enable Unmanned Grinding



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  • Can be Used as Both “ATC” and “AWC” with a Single Built-in Robot
    • Automatic replacement of grinding wheel and workpieces enables improved productivity and reduction of man-hours.
    • It enables continuous processing of works of different shapes and different materials.
  • Space-Saving Compact Design “ATC/AWC Stocker”
    • 15 locations for stock are available. The layout can be changed depending on the purpose.
    • The floor space is the same as that of standard machine.
  • “ATC Spindle” Compatible with Automatic Grinding Wheel Replacement
    • High rigidity and high reproducibility are realized by adopting HSK32.
    • Ceramics BRG realizes low vibration and low heat generation.
    • Processing efficiency is enhanced by high spindle rotation speed of Max. 10000min-1 and high output of 3.7 kW.
  • “High-Precision Indexing Circular Table” Realizing Multi-Dimension Continuous Machining with a Single Clamping Motion
    • Productivity is increased by reducing man-hour for change-over through multi-process continuous processing.
    • High-precision clamping realizing excellent reproducibility is possible.
  • Ball Screws are Used for Left and Right Table Axes
    • Energy saving and reduction of operating costs are achieved by eliminating hydraulic pressure element.
    • The use of ball screws on the left and right axes improves positioning accuracy on the left and right.
    • High reciprocating grinding and creep grinding are possible by NC control.
  • Equipped with “Air Microsensor” that Enables the Position Setting of Grinding Wheel
    • Positioning of grinding wheel in three directions (up /down, back / forth) is possible.
    • Because of the pneumatic system, there is no direct contact with the workpiece during positioning.


Workpiece Stocker*1Maximum Workpiece Size (including jigs) (W x D x H) 100 x 100 x 70 mm
Maximum Number of Workpieces to be Stored15*2
Maximum Mass of Workpiece (including jigs) 3 kg (without palette)
Tool Stocker*1Maximum Number of Grinding Wheels and
Coolant Nozzles to be Stored


Maximum Mass (1 grinding wheel + 1 coolant nozzle)4 kg
ATC Main Spindle

Bearing Inner Diameterφ50 mm
Large Diameter Grinding Wheel (OD x width x bore)φ205 x 6.4 -15 x φ31.75 mm
Medium Diameter Grinding Wheel (OD x width x bore)φ100 x 3 – 10 x φ22.23 mm
Tool InterfaceHSK-E32
Spindle Speed (min-1)500-10000

Specifications and machine design may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.


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