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High Precision Cutting with Short Cycle Times

  • 15 H.P.
  • Incline Table
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Cut Piece Counter
  • Anti-Backlash Device
  • Sorting Device


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  • High-Speed, High-Precision Cutting
    • Parts are cut using an oblique-slide cutting mechanism. This ensures high precision positioning to +/- 0.01mm and an optimal rake angle for cutting bar steel. This design improves stability, resulting in higher precision and enhanced cutting rates.
  • AMADA MACHINERY’S Unique Carbide Tipped Tool
    • The saw blade is a very important factor in realizing high speed, high precision cutting. Amada has developed a unique carbide-tipped circular saw that cuts cleanly and virtually burr-free.
  • Capable of Cutting a Variety of Metal Materials
    • This machine can cut a wide variety of materials including round bar and flat bar in a range of materials like mild steel, stainless steel, tools steels, and nonferrous materials.
  • Spray-mist Lubricant Reduces Cutting Fluid Cleanup
    • This machine incorporates a semi-dry cut system that generates eco-friendly oil mist, thus work pieces get less wet while cutting; resulting in simplified downstream processes.
  • No Clean-Up Process Needed for the Cut-Face
    • This machine makes highly precise cuts, the resulting cut-face being very clean. By eliminating the surfacing work, like when materials are band saw cut, the total processing time is greatly reduced.
  • Longer Circular Saw Blade Life
    • Using an oblique-slide (from the upper oblique direction) cutting mechanism and cermet carbide pads, which dampen most vibrations that result from cutting, lessens the wear of the sal blade. Resulting in a much greater service life of the circular blades and noticeably reducing the costs/cut.


Cutting CapacityRound (Diameter)2.95″-6.0″75-152.4 mm
Rectangle (W x H)2.95″ x 2.95″ – 3.94″ x 3.94″75 x 75 – 100 x 100 mm
Maximum Stock Table Loading Capacity, Round Bars (L x D)19.7′ x 6.0″ x 3 bars or 5,732 lbs*6000 x 152.4 mm x 3 bars or 2600 kg*
Incline Table Dimensions (L x W x H)17.8′ x 46.9″ x 44.0″ 5431 x 1190 x 1117 mm 
Saw Blade

Number of Teeth 
OD x Bore x T 18.1″ x 1.97″ x 0.11″460 x 50 x 2.7 mm 
Blade Speed39-149 RPM by Inverter 


Saw Blade15 HP 11 kW 
Saw Head Feed2.75 HP Servo Motor 2.0 kW Servo Motor 
Hydraulic Pump2 HP 1.5 kW 
Cut-to-Length Feed 3/4 HP Servo Motor0.5 kW Servo Motor 
Power RequirementPower Supply VoltageAC220V±10%, 3 PH, 60 Hz
All Other Voltages Require Transformer
Power Requirement32.5 kVA
HydraulicTank Capacity5.3 gal  20 L
Material Index
Index MechanismShuttle Vise 
Material IndexAC Servo Motor & Ball Screw 
Stroke0.2″-29.7″ 5-755 mm 
Length 0.78″-472.44″ Multiple Indexing20-12000.0 mm Multiple Indexing 
End Trimming Length0.78″-3.9″ 20-99 mm 
Remnant Length3.54″-3.54″ Plus Length of Parts90-90 mm Plus Length of Parts
Machine Dimensions (W x L x H)85.1″ x 77.4″ x 74.1″2160 x 1967 x 1882 mm
Table Height31.5″800 mm
Machine Weight6.613 lbs3,000 kg

*1: Evenly Distributed Over Entire Table
Specifications and the machine design may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.


  • Mist Collector

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