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High Production Sawing for Solid & Structural Material

  • 5 H.P.
  • 1-1/4” Blade
  • Heavy-Duty
  • High Speed
  • Hydraulic
  • Programmable control


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  • Split Front Vise
  • HMI Touch Screen Control
  • Automatic Chip Removal 
  • Bi-Directional Shuttle Vise
  • Full Stroking Hydraulic Vises
  • Fully Adjustable Hydraulic Down Feed
  • Automatic Height Selection with Fast Approach


Cutting CapacityRound (Diameter)  
Rectangle (W x H)11.8″ x 9.8″300 x 250 mm
Work Load Capacity 5,600 lbs3,600 kg
Saw BladeBlade Size (L x T x W)11’6″ x 0.42″ x 1-1/4″3503 x 1.1 x 34 mm
Blade Speed65-330 ft/min by Inverter20-100 m/min by Inverter
Tension ControlHydraulic
Blade Control

Top Limit SettingAutomatic Setting with Fast Approach Feeler
Cutting ControlHydraulic Pressure & Flow Control Valve
Vise Operation
TypeFront Spilt Vise & Rear Vise
ControlHydraulic Full-Stroke Cylinder
MotorsSaw Blade5 HP3.7 kW
Hydraulic Pump1 HP0.75 kW
Cutting Fluid Pump1/4 HP0.12 kW
Power RequirementPower Supply VoltageAC230V±10%, 3 PH, 60 Hz Required at Factory Voltage Setting
Power Requirement kVA
Cutting FluidTank Capacity21 gal80 liters
Tank Capacity13 gal49 liters
Pressure Setting569 psi4.0 MPa (40 kgf/cm2)
Chip DisposalChip Conveyor
Material Index

Index MechanismShuttle Vise
Number of Input Block 
Number of Input Station 
Number of Cut-Off Pieces 
Remnant Length  
Machine Dimensions (W x L x H)Head-Up Position89.1″ x 85.3″ x 70.0″2188 x 2166 x 1778 mm
Head Down Position89.1″ x 85.3″ x 49.2″2188 x 2166 x 1250 mm
Table Height27″686 mm
Machine Weight3,500 lbs1588 kg

Specifications and the machine design may change without notice at the sole discretion of Amada’s Engineering Department.


  • Hydraulic Hold-downs
  • Variable Vise Pressure
  • Free Standing Control Console

material handling

  • First Section Roller Table
  • Extension Roller Table
  • Coolant Pan

safety features

  • Covered Chip Auger
  • Cover Interlocks
  • Stalled or Broken Blade Sensor
  • Lockout Tagout Capable
  • Two Handed Front Vise Clamp Operation
  • Safety Railing Around Shuttle 

Additional Information


10" x 12" Wide, 10" Round
Blade Tension
Hydraulically controlled tension (30,000 psi) provides consistent square cutting accuracy. Includes a motion detector that will shut the machine off should the blade break or stall.
Speed Range
70 - 330 SFPM variable through a frequency inverter drive and heavy-duty worm gear transmission. The broad speed range allows for optimum cutting of a large spectrum of materials.
Hydraulic Down Feed
Feed rate and down pressure can be controlled independently for fast, accurate cutting. Setup is made easy through the color-coded dial allowing the operator to select the optimum setting for the type of material being cut. Both settings are made at the operator's station.
Hydraulic Shuttle Feed
Length settings of 0 - 16" are displayed on digital counter. The shuttle comes to positive stops at both ends of the index, assuring cutoff length accuracy. Repeatability is ± .005 per index. Up to 400" length is possible using the multi-index system.
Blade Drive: 5 H.P., Hydraulic Pump Motor: 1 H.P., Coolant Pump Motor: 1/8 H.P., Machines available with either 230 or 460 Volt, 3ph., 60 Hz.
Operator's Control Panel
Conveniently mounted on the left hgand side of the machine and offers full control of all machine functions such as; Vise, Blade Speed, Saw Frame, Bundle Clamping, Parts Counter, shuttle Advance & Retract, Coolant and Work Light.
EPC Programmable Control
Conveniently located on the operator's control panel, this touch screen control allows the operator to program and store up to nine jobs. Inputs include Part Lengths from 0 to 400" and Number of Pieces to be cut. The Blade Speed is displayed on and set using the touch screen, but is not stored in memory. The Automatic Piece Counter stops each job when the pre-set number of cuts have been made. The control provides the option of running up to 20 jobs consecutively.
Out-of-Stock Switch
The machine will shut off automatically when material is no longer present in the rear vise.
Blade Guides
The combination roller bearing and carbide blade guides reduce heat and blade stress providing longer blade life and accuracies of ± .002 per inch of cut material.
Fast Approach
Work height is automatically set allowing the head to rise just enough to clear the work piece, reducing cycle time and allowing for faster cutting performance.
Automatic Chip Removal
The chip auger rotating in the coolant return removes chips quickly and efficiently, freeing the operator to perform more productive operations. Coolant is allowed to drain back to the tank before the chips are removed from the machine.
Chip Brush
Powered from the main drive shaft of the saw, the brush changes speed along with the blade to assure that chips are being removed from each gullet of the blade, improving cutting performance and blade life.
Full stroking hydraulic Vise Jaws
The front vise jaws are split to reduce the remnant to as little as 2". The split vise jaws also help to reduce burrs left on the material and are ideal for bundle cutting. Holding the work piece on both sides of the blade reduces vibration, providing more accurate cuts and longer blade life.
Work Light
Positioned directly over the work area to provide better illumination of the cutting area, the work light can be turned on and off independently from the operator's control panel.


Hydraulic Hold Downs
Nesting fixtures for vertical clamping are designed for high-production multiple cutting of bundles and shapes. Vertically mounted hydraulic clamps located on each vise jaw apply downward pressure to hold multiple bar work or structural shapes.
Variable Vise Pressure
Hydraulic clamping pressure to the work holding jaws can be adjusted as required to hold solid or thin wall material, allowing the piece to be held securely and without distortion.
Free Standing Control Console
Replaces standard control console mounted to machine base with a free standing pedestal and 6’ flexible electrical and hydraulic lines (Special Order factory build).

Material Handling

First Section Dead Roller Table
Table is constructed from 4” x 5.4 lb. Channel with five 2.5” diameter ball bearing rollers on 12” Centers.
Extension Roller Table
Table is constructed from 4” x 5.4 lb. Channel with five 2.5” diameter ball bearing rollers on 12” Centers.
Coolant Pan
The coolant pan collects and returns coolant back to machine. Included is the pan, V-trough, and hangers.

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