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TIP: Using Peripheral devices with the PC3 controls

The Marvel’s PC3 saw control has the ability to utilize other input devices such as a keyboard and mouse. These tools are often not well suited to the sawing environment and can be clumsy to have around.  However, the right combination of an industrialized mouse and keyboard can make some data entry tasks easier.

On the side of the touch screen enclosure there is a USB port. This is typically used to import and export part data and machine settings, but can be used to connect a mouse and/or keyboard.

Additionally, the USB port could be used to plug in a standard bar-code scanner. Bar-code readers could be useful for loading parts into the control. This would be a simplified alternative to assure production consistency.

Some of this enhanced functionality needs further testing and development, but maybe used at the customer’s discretion.   If you have more questions, help can be provided through contacting our service department.

Note:  There may be some compatibility issues with certain brands of hardware as 
we have not tested every make and model.
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