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One Marvel for Another

One American icon keeps another running on time

There are few images more iconic to both New York residents and visitors than the Staten Island Ferry.  First launched in 1905 this landmark institution is as vital today as it was when it first began. The eight ferries that make up the Staten Island fleet carry over 21 million passengers a year on the 5.2 mile trip between Staten Island and Manhattan. One Marvel to another As you might imagine, maintaining this fleet requires a large staff and an extensive maintenance shop. We are proud to say that one key component of that shop is a Marvel 8 Mark III band saw.  Following Hurricane Sandy the maintenance crews worked around the clock to restore ferry service and, while the ferry fleet survived intact, the maintenance facility was flooded by four to five feet of seawater destroying much of the equipment the shop depends on.  In an effort to get the maintenance shop up and running as soon as possible Marvel Mfg. Co. gave a priority scheduling slot to the replacement 8 Mark III that was needed at the Staten Island maintenance facility.  We are proud to say that the new Marvel shipped within days of being ordered and is now in place helping to keep the ferries running on time.

One more interesting fact about the Staten Island Ferry, the three newest Ferries, the Guy V. Molinari, the John J. Marchi and The Spirit of America were all built in Wisconsin by Marinette Marine, another Marvel customer.


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