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The New P230B High-Speed Carbide Circular Saw

Marvel Mfg. Co. has expanded their line of High-Speed Carbide Circular Saws with the addition of the new P230B. This new high production machine features a 9 inch maximum capacity on rounds and a 6.3 inch maximum capacity on squares. As with our other three sizes (2.5”, 4” and 6”) the new model is designed for fully automatic high production cutting. The P230B features 750mm diameter blade with a 3.8mm blade thickness to minimize material loss. The blades can be either carbide tipped or ceramic (cermet). The blade is driven by a heavy-duty direct drive 40 H.P. motor mounted on vibration dampening precision slide ways. The blade is fed into the material with a servo driven ball screw. The electromagnetic blade brake design eliminates transmission backlash. Incoming material is stored on the power roller chain loading table which automatically loads incoming pieces on the automatic bar feed table. All of the models come with four carbide guides to ensure vibration free cutting and hydraulic sorting chutes that automatically separate trim cuts from good parts. Jobs are programmed and stored through the user-friendly touch screen control.

For more information, please contact Marvel Manufacturing Company, Inc.:

3501 Marvel Drive, Oshkosh, WI 54902 • 1-800-4-SAWING • [email protected]

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