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Marvel Eagle Beak Blades

Marvel Mfg. Co. has been designing and building metal cutting saws for over 100 years.  It was very early in our history that we realized the importance of a good blade.  In fact, unable to find a hacksaw blade that he felt performed to his expectations George Blum began manufacturing bi-metal hacksaw blades for which he received a patent back in 1924.

What was true back then is just as true today.  Just as a workman is only as good as his tools, a saw is only as good as its blade. As manufacturers of high quality production band saw machines we are well aware that our saws cannot perform as needed without high quality band saw blades.  In order to help facilitate this crucial relationship, and in response to our customers inquiries, we are once again entering the blade market with our new Marvel Eaglebeak production band saw blades.  Both saw and blade technology have come a long way since George produced that first bi-metal hacksaw blade, but the goal remains the same, to get the most out of your Marvel or Spartan saw with a quality Marvel blade.

If you have not done so, sign in or create your Marvel account, register your saw through MY MARVEL, and receive a FREE blade.

Marvel EagleBeak blades are offered at

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