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2000 Series Notice

A change in the construction methods used to control heat expansion within identified 2000 series transmissions has the potential to cause transmission failure under high heat situations.  To remedy this situation our transmission supplier has made a permanent change to the transmission system design alleviating the need for the internal expansion units.  The modification is available to customers with existing machines that have the potential for failure through easy to install retrofit kits.

Serial numbers with potential for this issue include:

2125 Series:   E2125-20339 through E2125-20377

2125M Series:  E2125-20188 through E2125-30198

2150 Series:  F2150-20229 through F2150-20284

2150M Series:  F2150-30176 through F2150-30178

Kits are being made available through local distribution.

MARVEL is committed to providing quality products that will help you increase productivity over the long haul.  We want all of our customers to be confident that their Marvel saws will be productive for many years to come.  As part of that commitment we will extend the transmission warranty on every machine receiving this update for one additional year beyond our industry leading 2 year warranty.

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