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110 Years on the Cutting Edge

110 Years Marvel - 1904-2014

“It goes without saying that the world has dramatically changed over the past 110 years,” says V.P. of Marvel Manufacturing Bob Beach, “but one thing that has not are the principles on which Marvel was founded.  Although it has become a giant in the band saw industry, as it celebrates 110 years in business this year, Marvel hasn’t forgotten its roots.”

Just as its founders, the Armstrong and Blum families, Marvel continues to put its customers first, through both products and service.  Our founder’s determination, talent, courage and unwillingness to ever compromise quality, provided us with a legacy, visible not only in bricks, mortar and steel but also in spirit which has been a continuing source of inspiration and pride to every descendant charged with the responsibility of maintaining their high ideals and strength of purpose.  According to Archie Stam, Marvel’s General Manager, “The legacy that has been established pushes us to continue to improve our products and processes.  The products that are produced and distributed are built with purpose which separates Marvel from companies built on trends.

Marvel’s first belt-driven hack saw featured a 12-inch blade, named the No. 1, it weighed in at 115 pounds, sold for $12 and was so easy to operate it was marketed under the slogan “Too simple to be misunderstood.”  This marked the beginning of a new product line and industry for America.  Years later, in 1915 the No. 8 saw was introduced.  This vertical tilt-frame band saw has since been improved and innovated to meet the growing needs of our customers.  Today we call it the 8-Mark-III and it is the 4th generation of the original No. 8 saw.

Beach says, “Marvel and its employees remain just as committed today as they were 110 years ago, making sure its customers are provided the best product available, with the best service possible, at the best value.”  The company has grown and expanded not only in space but also in market share and product lines.  “Today, not only is Marvel a market share leader, but it also leads the industry through innovation.  Marvel’s products stand head and shoulders above the competition with better accuracies, better and faster operation, and the most user friendly controls available anywhere.”

Today Marvel strives to remain on the cutting edge of technology and innovation and according to Beach, “Innovation isn’t the only thing on which it has built its reputation.  Marvel products are known for their durability, quality and long-lasting value.” We offer American made products made exclusively in Oshkosh, WI as well as imported lines.  “Innovation will be the mantra going forward,” says Stam “we have a proud past with a promising future.”  After the past 110 years of growth and progress, metal sawing is our only business, and the trade mark MARVEL still diligently applies.

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